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The belief that one's own culture or group is superior to others and the tendency to view all other cultures from the perspective of one's own
The movement to protect and preserve indigenous land or culture from the allegedly dangerous and polluting effects of new immigrants
A group of people who share a set of characteristics-typically, but not always, physical ones-and are said to share a common bloodline
The philosophical and religious notion that all people are created equal
Two terms, nineteenth-century theories of race that characterize a period of feverish investigation into the origins, explanations, and classifications of race
3 Terms-The belief that "one drop" of black blood makes a person black.
The technical term for interracial marriage
One's ethnic quality or affiliation
Person-Created the term, "Primordialism" that is, the strength of ethnic ties resides in deeply felt or primodial ties to on'es culture.
Belief that members of separate races possess different and unequal traits coupled with the power to restrict freedoms based on those differences
The formation of a new racial identity by drawing ideological boundaries or difference around a formerly unnoticed group of people
The application of Darwinian ideas to society
Person-Created the 1920's universal and linear model Straight-Line Assimilation for how immigrants assimilate
2 terms-A nationality, not in the sense of carrying the rights and duties of citizenship but of identifying with a past or future nationality
Literally meaning, "Well born"