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Matthew Daminato - ILS Crossword

Taking legal action, process of.
Online Federal statute database.
Referring to a 3rd party for judgement.
Venue for interprovincial disputes, 2 wrds.
Supreme law of Canada.
A complete citation.
(Plural) Source of Black Letter Law, 2 wrds.
Queen's Library Catalogue
Delegated legislation.
Namesake of prohibitively expensive summer learning location.
Preferred Primary Citation, 2 wrds.
3rd Chapter of McGill Guide
FIRAC, 2 wrds.
Quebec's semi-official reporter.
The decision stands, 2 wrds.
Unofficial Reporters, online resource to identify.
(Plural) Used in some keyword searches to narrow results, 2 wrds.
The A in FIRAC.
Legal Report outlining the law in a given area.
Easily glossed over component of citations.
Has the McGill Guide been amended? Check the ______.
Canadian Civil Law jurisdiction.
Ontario's semi-official reporter.