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From the book "Nani Cave" by Elaine A. Powers
A sac off of the esophagus used to store food for later.
A young bird.
An animal's special home that provides food, water, shelter, and space for breeding.
A bird that has just emerged from the egg.
When all four toes are joined in a web.
Maintaining the eggs at a constant temperature ideal for development.
The seasonal movement of birds from one area to another.
Cleaning and arranging the feathers typically with the beak.
A group of birds nesting together.
The set of feathers that cover a bird.
The set of eggs laid for a single female during one nesting.
Birds are the only animals in the world that have these.
A change by which birds improve their condition in relationship to their environment over generations to help them survive.
The distance from one wingtip to another.
To emerge from the egg.
A chick that has recently flown from the nest for the first time.
The second part of the bird's stomach that grinds and digests tough food.
The structure in which a bird lays and incubates its eggs.