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The Great Gatsby

The term for the 13 years alcohol was not to be distributed, consumed, produced, or sold
The advertisement or billboard in the novel was said to represent __________ and meant to act as a conscience to those who viewed it
This person makes a home-run record and is one of the most beloved baseball players of all time
THE GREAT GATSBY was published in 19_____
Term for a secret place to drink and the start to night clubs
A style of art popular for this era (there is a museum downtown Tulsa for this particular style)
The author of THE GREAT GATSBY also wrote another story with a main character named _____________ who aged backwards.
Closes immigration entry point into the U.S. and is now primarily a tourist attraction (but also one of the most American landmarks in history)
The author of the novel was named after his 3rd cousin, Francis Scott Key, who will forever be famous for writing the _____________
Known as an arrogant, cheating, racist
This famous trial occurred relating to the teaching of Darwin's Theory of Evolution
Taking nearly 15 years to complete, work on this famous landmark began during this era.
Popular, fast-paced dance of the decade
One of these is only received by Nick to attend Gatsby's party
Common term for a fashion forward, urban, contemporary women of this era
This shining emblem is symbolic of hope, dreams, and desires in the novel THE GREAT GATSBY and appears at the end of Daisy's dock
For entertainment in their homes, people had these
Term for the era of African American influence on art, music, dance, and literature
Character who seemed flighty and ignorant, but was actually desperate and fell in love with Gatsby
First African-American pilot
This famous magician dies after being punched in the stomach
Famous pilot of this era who flew the "Spirit of St. Louis"
The ____________ was specifically designed for THE GREAT GATSBY and is still a famous piece of art
Women were not allowed to do this until this time period
It wasn't really acceptable yet for women of this time to wear __________
The author's wife, whom he stole many of his writing ideas from after reading her private diary...
This person became known after creating a famous mouse cartoon
The illegal sale of alcohol is one of the direct causes of the rising of this group of criminals, also referred to as the _________
This fell in 1929
This amendment allowed women the right to vote
The first name of Gatsby
The famous and iconic "Chanel No. 5" perfume is created by _____________ whose designs are still wildly popular today
Common term for men repeated over and over by Gatsby
Main character and speaker of THE GREAT GATSBY
Popular and affordable car produced by Ford at this time
The first college admissions test known as ______ is given to high school students