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Methodist History

Faith traditions that were formed as result of Reformation and protestation of the Catholic practices.
The firsts conference of the Methodist church held in America.
The buying of God's forgiveness of sins with money purchased __________
Disciple known as "the rock."
Because Wesley believed deeply in education, _____ _____(2 words) is important in the Methodist church.
Each of us can go directly to God without a priest - we have a personal _____________
One of 4 preachers sent to America by Wesley
Movement to change Catholicism/began protestantism
The disciple who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver
There were two apostles named this
Nailed the 95 theses to the door of the Catholic Church
After the Jewish period of our history, the next quarter is represented by the _____________ church.
Today the __________Conference of the Methodist church is 1/2 lay people and 1/2 clergy.
Wesley's first name
Person who follows Christ
Preachers who rode on horseback from church to church as the pioneers settled America (2 words)
Used to be known as Saul/wrote 14 books of the New Testament
We are all ministers of the gospel - some are ordained and some are _____people.
Founder of Methodism - John ____
I had to see and feel the nail holes in Jesus' hands and side
Person sent to spread the gospel of Jesus
God's love and forgiveness are a free gift - this is called ________
Wesley visited prisons, cared for the sick, championed good conditions for workers and opposed slavery. Methodists today address social issues within their principles of _____ _____(2 words)
The issue that split Methodism into the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church, South
The first half of our religious history is the _____ tradition