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United States History Before 1877

Abigail Wood
President that fought a war with Mexico for California.
Known as the bloodiest battle.
Republicans called theses people "anti-war Democrats".
Led slaves through an underground railroad.
Set 3 million slaves free after it was passed in January 1, 1863.
A person who favored the abolition of slavery.
Laws passed in the Southern states after the civil war compelling African Americans to work in low income labor intensive jobs.
Two ships secretly funded in Birkenhead England by the confederates.
Slave that fought for his freedom, but lost.
President of the confederates.
Tenth president of the United States.
Novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
The 19th century doctrine or belief that the expansion of the U.S throughout America continents was both justified and inevitable.
Politician from Missouri who served as the 11th Governor of the state.
Known as the last confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River.
The U.S purchased this piece of land from Russia for 7.2 million.
Landmark battle that took place in Pennsylvania.
The act of the Southern states pulling away from the Northern states causing the Civil War.