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North America Geography

It is farther north of the Great Plains and covers 2 million square miles
Large cities and nearby suburbs and towns
The movement of food and diseases from Eastern to Western Hemisphere and back and forth
Sections of a waterway with closed gates where water is raised and lowered
Sub-region: Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee among others
Movement of people
Run 1,600 miles from Newfoundland to Alabama
Eight of the worlds largest lakes
Sub-region: Maine,Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut among others
Mountains west of the Great Plains
Sub-region: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, among others
Subregion America's Heartland
Communities outside of a city
Winds that blow from west to east
Land West of the Mississippi river to the Pacific Ocean
People who moved from place to place
North America's most important deepwater ship route
Canada's longest river
Permanently frozen ground
A huge swampland
Sub-region: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas among others
A land bridge that once connected Siberia and Alaska