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Nonreligious, separates church and state, does not endorse any religion
Lack of sexual attraction
A socially defined category based on common language, nationality, history and culture
Belief the one race is superior to another
An illegal workplace where workers are subjected to extreme exploitation
A social category who suffer from unequal treatment and denied access to power and resources as a result of status
Sexual attraction toward members of the other gender
Public display of commitment to religious services
Learning behaviors and meanings through social interaction
The expected unpaid responsibilities of women after a complete day of paid labor
Ability to impose one's will on others
When gender identity is different from the sex assigned at birth
The transfer of of labor to another country
Governments ruled by a king or queen
Living as if one is a member of a different racial category
Asserts the queer is about possibilities, gaps and overlaps ans suggests note being limited
Legitimate right to wield power
Systems within society that shape activities of groups and individuals
The idea that whites enjoy certain unearned advantages not available to others
An economic system based on the laws of free market competition, privatization of the means of production and production for profit.
A form of authoritarianism
Consider themselves spiritual but not religious
When a minority group is absorbed into the dominant group
An association of workers who bargain collectively for increased wages and benefits and better working conditions