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Classical Greece

Peasants forced to stay on the land and work
Traditional stories about their gods
Foot soldiers
Serious drama about love, hate, war, or betrayal
Slapstick and crude humor
Ruled by a King
Accurately estimated the value of pi
A fearsome battle formation
Portray ideal beauty, not realism
A highly regarded mathematician
Athens vs Sparta
The blending of Egyptian, Persian, and Indian cultures
Persian King
Historians thought that the legendary stories of this event were fictional
Questioned the nature of the world
Encouraged Greeks to question themselves
Made up of a city and its surrounding countryside
Ruled by a few
Powerful individuals seized control of the government
Began in Ionia on the coast of Anatolia
Spoke a dialect of Greek and may have been distant relatives of the Bronze Age Greeks
Indo-Europeans migrated from the Eurasian steppes
Lovers of wisdom
Wrote "The Republic"
Foremost center of commerce and Hellenistic civilzation
Small group of noble landowning families
Ruled by the people
Fortified hilltop
Alexander's father