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Chemical Compound Crossword

NaCl - You put this on savory food
H2SO4 - You don't want this leaking from electronics(2 words)
SiO2 - A very common crystal
CH3COOH - Pungent liquid used in cooking
NaHCO3 - Common household deodorant and cooking ingrdient (2 words)
Hg - A Marvel superhero and a clothing brand (2 words)
C - Substituted lead as a writing tool
CaSO4⋅2H2O - Also called plaster board, used in construction
CaSO4 H2O - Used in sculpting and in casting (3 words)
Ba(OH)2 - Quite literally softens your water (2 words)
MgSO4 - Pour this into a hot bath, but don't eat it (2 words)
C7H5N3O6 - An outdated type of explosive
C7H7NO2 - Keeps your skin from burning under the sun (2 words)
C10H8 - A circular pest repellent (2 words)
(C2F4)n - A non-stick coating for cooking
C20H14O4 - A common stool softener
C9H8O4 - Pill used for pain relief
CaCO3 - Rich people make the interior of their homes with this
C12H22O11 - Sucrose
N2O - Used for anesthesia (2 words)
(CH3)2CHOH - It stings when you put it on a cut (2 words)
NH3 - A liquid used for cleaning windows
C14H18N2O5 - Artificial sweetener in Diet Coke
C2H6O - Otherwise known as Ethanol, it is a liquid drug (2 words)
C2H2Cl2 - A clear material used for food storage (2 words)
C6H8O6 - An essential vitamin (2 words)
C8H9NO2 - A pill that helps cure headaches
H2CO3 - Synonym of sparkling water (2 words)
C5H8NO4Na - Chemically enhances the flavor of food
Na2B4O7.10 H2O - A powder that is used as a laundry detergent