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Election 2016 Vocabulary

A plan for how money will be earned and spent
The amount of money left after all costs of running a business have been subtracted from all the money earned
The right to vote
The use of violence against groups of innocent people in an effort to accomplish a goal
Related to formal or important occasions
The document that contains the main rules of the US
A form of government in which the people choose their leaders in elections
To work over a period of time to reach a goal, such as winning an election
Forcing a person who is not a citizen to leave the country
A party's list of plans and positions on key issues
Plans for new laws
Important problems to debate or discuss
To reject a bill
A person chosen to run in an election
An official change made to a law
A country's system for managing its money and resources
The day the president take the same oath of office that every president has taken since 1789.
More than half
National government as opposed to a state or local government
Officially approve