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Chemical Compound Name

H2SO4, liquid used to power batteries
CO2, colorless and odorless gas vital to life on earth
C6H8O6, abundant in vegetables and fruits
CaCO3, a metamorphic rock
(CH3)2CHOH, cleaning fluid and dissolves oil
(CH3)2CO, nail polish remover
C5H8NO4Na, most abundant non-essential amino acid
NaHCO3 primarily used in baking
MgSO4+7H2O soothes achy muscles
SiO2, found on the beach
O2 Humans breath it constantly
NH3 used to clean windows
H3BO3, flame retardant
Al2Cl(OH)5, used in deoderant
CaO, glows when heated
CaCO3 writes on sidewalks and boards
C2H6O acidic substance used for clensing
N2O mostly used at the dentist, calms patients
C2H4O2 food seasoning and various household cleaning uses
C3H5(OH)3 used in some cough syrups
CH4 main component of natural gas
C9H8O4 used for headaches
CaSO4+2H2O used in construction "plasterboard"
NaCl used to season food
C found in jewellery
H2O humans drink it everyday
Ca(OH)2 interior walls in houses
C pencil "lead"
C12H22O11 sweetener for food
Na2B4O7+10H2O used as multipurpose cleaner and bleach