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Animal Farm: Chapter 4

Who helped Mr. Jones try to retake his farm back
What did they name the battle
What month did Mr. Jones try to take back the farm
The animals singed this after the battle of cowshed
Who won the battle of cowshed
What was on the metals they gave out
marching on the farm with some of Pilkington’s and Frederick’s men.
What did snowball read to learn about defense
Who was hiding in the battle
Did they sing the beast of England at the end of the battle
How many times did they agree to shoot the gun
How man people died in the battle
Who recieved metals at the end of the battle
What did they find at the end of the battle
How the animals were acting (other animals in the world)
Where did they find the gun
Who was the one that sent the flocks of pigeons to learn the song
Who died in the battle
Which animal thought they killed an animal
Did they bury the sheep