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American Revolution Crossword

Accept something reluctantly but w/o protest
Give or bequeath an income or property to a person or institution
Set or declare someone free from blame, guilt, or responsibility
Inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable
Drive, force, or urge to do something
Renounce ones throne
Taking someone's power or property by force
Exercise of absolute power
The coats of arms marshalled on a shield to denote the marriages into a family of the heiresses of others
A violent uprising against authority or government
Quality of being descended from the same ancestor as another person
The right to make a complaint to, or seek the assistance of, one's government w/o fear of punishment
Power, control, or authority that is inexcusable
A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign country
Morally correct behavior, or thinking
Unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor
Cruel and oppressive government or rule