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Worls History Crossword

16-Century movement for reform otabuses in Roman Catholic Church?
To spread ideas & products is called?
A complex culture with five characteristics?
A government controlled by it's citizen either directly or through representatives?
Government, Organization, religion, & an economy are examples of this?
A form of government in which power is in the hands of representatives & leaders are elected by citizens who have the right to vote?
Skills needed for one specific kinda of work?
The capital of Roman/Byzantine Empire?
A city & it's surrounding lands functioning as an independent political unit?
He was a classical Greek philosopher & one of he founders of Western philosophy?
Founder of the Roman Empire & it's first Emperor?
A period in European history from 14th to the 17th century?
By paying money to the church for their salvation?
Group of institutions with in government system of the Catholic Church?
Johann Gulenburg printed the first complete Bible with this machine?
Referred as the Eastern Roman Empire,& capital city is Constantinople?
Tablets that keep historical events, customs, & traditions?
The repose of the Catholic Church to the Protestant Reformation?
He wrote a book that gave structure to Protestant beliefs?
An arc of rich land in South West Asia?
The fundamental political unit of ancient Greece after about 750 B.C?
He is known as Roman politician, general, & notable author of Latin prose?
Known as general body & known as commoner from 4th century B.C?
Belief into many gods?
Rule of an area by the same family?