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Soil, Rocks, Landforms

Name ____________________________________Date _____________________________________
The name of the molten hot rock when it is OUTSIDE of a volcano
These cover the earth's surface and make the land take many shapes and forms
The largest kind of rock fragment
A fan-shaped deposit at the mouth of a river
Made up of different minerals and have many observable properties
A fan-shaped deposit formed when a fast-flowing stream or flood flows over a dry area
The smallest fragment of rock
When eroded materials (like clay) settle to the bottom of a stream
The properties of minerals are: texture, pattern, hardness, luster and ...
The type of test that reveals the hardness of a rock
The name of the molten hot rock when it is INSIDE of a volcano
This happens when physical changes occur to rocks because of wind/force/acid rain (chemical or physical)
A mineral property that describes whether a mineral is metallic or non-metallic
When water, wind, or ice carries away earth materials to the base of a river
The three types of rock are igneous, sedimentary, and ... (volcano rock)
A low area between hills and mountains, where a river flows
A deep valley with steep sides eroded by a river
A mixture of rock fragments and earth material
Made up of dead pieces of plant and living things
The scale that measures the hardness of rocks and minerals