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Industry and Black History

Other corporations worked to eliminate competition with other businesses by forming this Hint: Pablo Escobar formed the Medellin ___
To take advantage of expanding markets, investors developed a form of group ownership known as a
A policy stating that voters in a territory-not Congress- should decide whether or not to allow slavery there
Hot, dark, dirty workhouses. Common in third world countries that form part of big trade agreements such as NAFTA.
Wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin," which was a powerful condemnation of slavery
Child workers
Slave taken north of the Missouri Compromise line, where slavery was banned, sued for his freedom. Court ruled against him in a controversial DECISION stating that slaves and their descendants were property, not citizens, therefore not entitled to sue in courts.
Complete control of a product or service, also the name of a popular board game
In 1884, delegates from 27 different countries divided the globe into 24 hours, one for each hour of the day
People who invest money in product or enterprise in order to make profit
A pamphlet that denounced capitalism and predicted that workers would overturn it co-written by Karl Marx
Theory of “natural selection” applied to rough-and-tumble world of American capitalism
She was known as "Black Moses" for her courageous conductor work in guiding hundreds of slaves to safety
A grant by the federal government giving an inventor the exclusive right to develop, use, and sell an invention for a set period of time
Isolated work communities near their workplace owned by businesses and rented out to employees.
Economic and political philosophy that favors public, instead of private, control of property and income