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World History Chp 13 Sec 4

An area in Southern Spain.
What ancient peoples occupied the Iberian Peninsula?
The Roman name for Portugal.
The great center of Moorish culture.
Purpose of the Spanish Inquisition.
Who united the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile?
The first grand inquisitor.
A famous national Spanish hero.
Who invaded Spain in 711?
A Spanish kingdom on the eastern side of the peninsula.
A powerful kingdom in Spain.
What Germanic tribe conquered Spain in the fifth century A.D.?
A city founded by the Iberians.
What was the Roman name for Spain?
The Portuguese king that won Portugal their independence.
The term that describes the small kingdoms of Spain taking back Spain from the Moors.
What is the capital of Portugal?
The most famous Spanish fortified palace.
The Portugues king of the greatest days of Portugal.