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Ancient Greece

Mr. Laraway
Christian McCance ss project
Narrow water passage
Capital of the ancient Minoan civilization
Government in which ruling power belongs to a few people
A native or resident of a town or city
Practice used in ancient Greece to banish or send away a public figure who threatened democracy
Altar, chapel, or other sacred place
System of government
Ten year war
Government in which the people hold ruling power
Formal agreement between two or more nations
Highest and most fortified point within a Greek city-state
In ancient Greece a massive tactical formation of heavily armed foot soldiers
Colorful painting completed on wet plaster
Legal group or people sworn to public office holders
Government headed by a privileged minority or upper class
Lawmaking body
Government in which a king or queen exercises central power
A fixed salary given to public office holders
A ruler who gained power by force
City-state in ancient greece
City-state in ancient greece
City-state in ancient greece