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Global History Study Guide

A CHAIN OF ISLANDS: Think of Greece.
A form of government where the people vote and have a say in their government.
The form of government in which harsh punishments were given for breaking the law.
Line of Soldiers interlocked with their shields, used greatly by the Macedonians who added pikes.
The city-state in which the Democracy was invented.
The process in which Greek culture is spread to other areas conquered by Alexander The Great.
The city-state in which the focus was creating the best soldiers.
A dicipline in which criminals are not punished but are taught of their wrong doings. Filial piety is apart of this.
Athenian who enacted public works projects and built up the city.
Persian King who united the tribes and allowed the people to live as they wish, so long as they payed taxes and recognized the King.
The temple built in Athens for the Goddess of it's namesake.
A form of government where a small group are in charge.
Name of the League that Athens led.
The league lead by Sparta during the Peloponnesian war.
The city named after Alexander the Great and located at the mouth of the Nile river in Egypt.
Macedonian King who took over after his fathers death and conquered all of Greece and Persia.
One of the seven wonders of the world, over 100 feet tall and made entirely of Bronze, over the entry of the port.
Trade network that linked China to the Mediterranean Sea. It name came from the lucrative export of china.