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Spelling Bee#5

Broad streets lined with trees and sidewalks
Missiles fired from cannons
A long spear used in track and field
Sticking to one's belief
Poisonous plants and trees.
Listed one after the other
A person of great wisdom like Bryan
Something very,very delightful
Old and never used
Plain and simple without makeup
A Greek God like Isai
Very determined like Inez
Lazy or lacking ambition
A person who performs miracles like Mrs. Cortez
Not capable of being calmed
Things used to outsmart an enemy
A union made to reach the same goal
Study of machines and structures
Looks like mother- of- pearl or Palomita
Braking and entering into a home with intent to steal
Deserving of respect due to age
A parade of people or low-riders
Relating to animals
A small guitar used by the Greeks in the old days
In a tactful manner