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American Revolution Puzzle 1

This act was passed to punish colonists for the Boston Tea Party and is also called the "Intolerable Acts"
This act lowered the tax on molasses and attempted to prevent colonists from smuggling.
A fighting force made up of ordinary citizens.
A fight between colonists and British redcoats that was used as propaganda in the newspaper.
This document was written by Thomas Jefferson and stated the colonists desire for independence
Colonists in a militia who must be ready to fight at a minutes notice
After hearing about the Patriot win at Saratoga, this country helps the colonies with money, equipment, and soldiers for the war.
American colonists who remained loyal to Britain and opposed independence.
Money earned from taxes or other sales of items.
This act stated the Britain had the right to make all laws and taxes for the colonies in all cases.
An American colonist who supported independence
The leader of the Continental Army who was known for his great courage and intelligence.
A patriot spy who was hung by the British
This act taxed almost all printed material.
States had to do this in order to find soldiers to join the Continental Army.
These soldiers were hired by the British to fight in the American revolution and came from countries such as Germany.