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SK No.11

Urge, one so sensitive to stimulation?! (9)
Police blower rings intermittently for Man of Steel? (5)
Sentence break through intercom malfunction (5)
"Pure Massacre" singer's debut with "Glee" (9)
Hide the real scotch (7)
Breaking Bad - blokes after some blood and guts (7)
Reg has turnover and jam on toast (5)
Odd price for tart (3)
Boomers progress point score by three (5)
He's bound to go, arrested in LIBOR scandal (7)
Puff possesses dragon's head and span (7)
Stagger meal, having a change of heart (5)
Naked selfie the third for Tina Fey (5)
Hollow sun a back killing, beating object (5,4)
Make choice regarding sex? (4)
See 15dn
Upset sorest loser (6)
Step up in case processing overdue (8)
Loud set is too cool (6)
Beat violent urge (4)
Auditor's old pen top (5)
Technically lacking substance, ran Apple in the US as a dictatorship (7)
Recall article from yearbook (5)
& 2dn - Other map is moth-eared perhaps? (5,8)
So long between grunge covers, starting offer of dates by...(7)
...Nirvana is in March (8)
More rank and file essentially caught up in Mr Lee's restructure (8)
Laugh about press being very open (6)
Entire population confined by evil strain (6)
Mostly hot and humid every day (2-3)
SWAT copper twice offending (4)
Bloody awesome (4)