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small animals puzzle cat unit

It means to have two sets of teeth, one set being shead and replaced by a premant set?
What is a special area of the nasal lining that picks up smells from the air?
What helps hold food and are used to lick or scrape meat off bones?
What kind of cat has short legs?
What is the lower and upper jaw called?
What kind of cat has a shorthair and longtail?
What allows cats to have night vision called?
What kind of cat goes limp when picked up?
What kind of cat is made of two breeds?
What is pasted the canines?
What kind of genus group can roar?
What moves diagonally across the eye under the eyelid to help lubricate the cornea?
What is another name for whiskers?
What are the receptors that are located in the roof of the mouth?
What kind of cat looks like it has a main?
What produces sebum which lubricates skin and prevents dryness?
What is used to grind food?
What comes in 4wks of age?
What is a non fully retract called?