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Revolutionary War Menu

The leader of the Native goup in the Ohio valley called the Ottawa.
An act that said all colonial goods had to be shipped on English built ships.
A powerful native group that changed sides from the British to the French.
The ability to overrule colonial laws.
A was between France and England that was mostly fought by natives over land.
A delegate from Pennsylvania that would present the most important defense plan for the colonies.
Forcing someone/something to go a certain direction, way or route.
A patriot group performing violent acts against British soldiers.
A protest against something.
Someone who is against British rule and try to fight against it.
The treaty signed by Britan and France that would end the Seven year war.
To betray ones country.
The group in Albany in charge of passing laws.
A colonel in the Virginia military sent on a mission from Governor Robert Dinwiddie.
To withdraw or take back something.