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Texas History Review

Mission San Antonio de Valero also known as the _____ was founded in 1718.
What belief motivated President James K. Polk to favor admitting Texas into the Union?
____ was the 28th state of the United States.
What is the right of the people to decide about issues by voting?
George ____ is known as the sole author of the Texas Declaration of Independence.
1519 was the year Alvarez de ____ mapped the coast of Texas.
It ended the war between the United States and Mexico.
Name of the territory gained by the United States as a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
____ 2, 1836 is considered Texas Independence Day.
The majority of the states ______ lived in south and East Texas.
The Law of ____ 6, 1830 was written to stop immigration from the United States into Texas.
The president of the Republic of Texas wanted to pay of debts from fighting the Texas Revolution.
____ of Slavery most likely influenced how Americans voted for or against annexation of Texas.
1845 was the year Texas was ___ by the United States.
1821 was the year Mexico gained its independence from ____.
A bill of rights with the Texas Constitution reflect a commitment to _____.
Sam Houston opposed building a navy for Texas because he thought it would drain _____ _____.
What events occurred during the era of Early Statehood in Texas History?
____ of 1850 established new borders for Texas.
President of the Republic of Texas following Sam Houston.
The reason Germans immigrated to Texas.
Citizens of the Republic of Texas were granted freedom of _____.
The United States did not annex Texas in 1837 because it did not want ____ with Mexico.
The goal of this expedition was to establish the western border for Texas.