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Their Eyes Were Watching God

What does Tea Cake do with the money he takes?
Who does Janie meet after Jody passes away?
Where did Tea Cake and Janie move to first?
Who did Janie lose her virginity to?
Who was a big influence on Janie when she was younger?
Where is Jody from?
Who does Nanny get Janie to marry?
Why does Janie kill Tea Cake?
What count do Janie and Jody move to first?
How much money does Tea Cake take from Janie?
Who does Janie have help her with the store after Jody dies?
What does Jody order?
Who is Janie's best friend?
What does Janie find under Tea Cake's pillow?
Who kills Tea Cake?
How does Jody pass away?
What color dress does Tea Cake want Janie to wear for him?
What does Tea Cake get from the dog?
What bites Tea Cake in his face?
What political position does Jody appoint to himself?
What is the verdict after the case?
What does Jody work on in Eatonville?