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Crimebiters! #1: My Dog is Better Than Your Dog

These made Abby look like a vampire.
Baxter was Mr. Bratford's ___.
Jimmy's sister
What Mrs. Cragg stole from Jimmy's mom
Main character
The bully in the story
What Jimmy's dad was interviewing for
Jimmy's feeling about the blotch on his face
Jimmy's favorite TV show
The babysitting company was stealing this
The owner of the babysitting company
Jimmy and Irwin's crush
What Jimmy had on his face
Party at the end when all of the kids became friends
Celebration treat after Mr. Bratford's arrest
Jimmy said, "My dog is better than ____ dog."
Where the kids hid when they were trying to get away from Mr. Bratford
Where Mrs. Cragg tried to lock Abby
Jimmy's best friend
Jimmy's new dog