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Kangaroos can _____
I am a monkey!
I am a big bird. I live in the plains. I can run very fast.
Hot and sunny, lots of sand and no trees
I am the biggest animal! I live in the ocean and eat fish.
I live in the plains or jungle. I am big and scary!
Cool and lots of trees
I live in the plains. I am black and white. I run fast.
I live in the desert. I am big and brown.
I am a small bird. I live in the ice and snow. I can swim. I can't fly.
Hot, rainy, and lots of trees
I live in the plains. I can jump very high!
I live in the rivers. I am long and green.
A little water
Crocodiles ______ in the river
Lots of water
Monkeys ______ trees in the jungle
I live in the jungle. I can climb trees fast!
Lots of grass, no trees