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The Dog Who Saved Christmas

By: Alexandra Cole
She fell in her pool and almost drowned.
Has a older brother. Has a father by the name of Trent.
This character wanted a Blood hound for Christmas because her grandfather was one of the best blood hound handler and he/she got it.
A baby reindeer that ends up in a zoo when she grows up.
This character is the father of two boys who decide to save a goose.
This character is a father who's children/wife wanted a kitten so bad so he finally got them one just like the kitten he used to have as a boy.
This character is a yellow canary that it handicapped.
This little boy sometimes likes to sneak a peak into his Christmas present by taring a piece of the wrapping paper off.
This character begged her dad to get her a cat she even insulted her dad.
This animal/character is very mischievous and surprisingly ends up in a box for a present.
This character went to get a puppy for his wife but could not get it until after the holidays.
Has a younger brother. Went skiing with his younger brother. Found goose with him.
This character stole a Christmas tree and took it outside to destroy it.
A dog that saved her owner from drowning.
This character is the owner of three huge dogs.
This man got his first ever Christmas present that was a puppy.
This boy is lame /can't move.
A new blood hound puppy with big ears and a big heart.
This character formed a bond with an unlikely pet.
This animal/characters family thought this pet was dead but later found out she was alive and well as a mascot for a grocery store.