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Chapter 4, Education in the United States: Its Historical Roots

Teacher: Kelsey Franco
To create an equal number of male and female athletes.
A secondary school that attempts to meet the needs of all students by housing them together and providing a variety of curricular options geared toward different ability levels and interests.
A federal compensatory education program designed to help 3 to 5-year-old disadvantaged children enter school ready to learn.
2-year institutions developed to prepare prospective elementary teachers, was the first significant attempt to improve education during the common school era.
A historic attempt to make education available to all children in the United States.
A college-preparatory school designed to help boys prepare for the ministry or a career in law.
Results from individuals' private decisions, such as were to live and which friends to have.
A secondary school designed to meet the needs of boys not planning to attend college.
Formalized the segregation of African Americans in education, transportation, housing, and other aspects of public life.
Public schools that provide innovative or specialized programs and accept enrollment from schools in all parts of a district.
The process of socializing people to adopt the dominant society's social norms and patterns of behavior.
To provide a unique academic curriculum for early adolescents.
Federal programs designed to eradicate poverty during the 1960s, emphasized education as its major thrust.
Women taught small groups of children in their homes, and they depended on donation of money or food from parents of schoolchildren.