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To Kill a Mockingbird Part I

A.k.a. Charles Baker Harris
Jem finds these stitched up and folded neatly on the Radley fence when he goes back for them
Mrs. Dubose is addicted to this
Atticus's nickname because of his shooting skills.
A.k.a Arthur Radley
Location of hidden items found by Scout and Jem
Southern grapes
According to Miss Maudie, it's a sin to kill one of these.
Scout tells her teacher that Walter won't take her money because he is a proud_____________.
Atticus's profession
Name of the Finch family cook and surrogate mother
Time of the year when Dill is around.
A.k.a Jeremy Atticus Finch
According to neighborhood legend, Boo stabbed his father in the leg with_________.
Name of the dog killed by Atticus in chapter 10.
Scout gets in trouble at school because she can already do this.
A.k.a Jean Louise Finch
Name of the man whom Atticus agrees to defend in court (two words)
Jem's snowman resembled this character a little too much.
Boo puts this on Scout during the fire.