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The Christmas Crossword Spectacular

All imaginary numbers belong to this system.
The most decorated Olympic athlete of all time.
The name of the miner that helped Rudolph in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."
The guy who took over for David Letterman as host of the "Late Show" on CBS.
The rational root for the following equation: 125x^3-64=0
Yellowstone National Park can be found here.
The graph of a quadratic function is called this.
The number of possible roots (zeros) for a quintic.
Irrational roots and imaginary roots come in these.
Patrick Stump is their lead singer.
One of Santa's reindeer.
The third element listed on the periodic table.
This is used to measure the severity of earthquakes.
The sport Ms. Cullen currently coaches.
The governor of Ohio.
The mobster that ruled Chicago during the time of prohibition.
An expression containing monomials.
The capital of Pennsylvania.
In music, this guy is "The Boss."
The actress who has received the most Academy Award nominations.
The only actor to ever win back to back Oscars for "Best Lead Actor in a Motion Picture."
The name Samuel Clemens is better known by.
One of the roots (zeros) to the following equation: 2x^4-x^2-21=0.
The names of some of this person's albums are simply "+" and "X."
One of the roots (zeros) to the following equation: 6x^2-x-15=0.
Measures the steepness of a line.
A polynomial with a leading degree of 3.
The first Grammy ever given for best rap performance was given to this person (believe me, you know who this is).
The director of both "Titanic" and "Avatar."
The thing you will always look for first until the end of time.