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The Revolutionary War Part 1

Riddhi Shah
3rd period
The treaty that ended the French and Indian War?
The act which allowed the red coats to live with any American?
This woman was six feet tall and a red head, she captured and killed many loyalists.
The colonists had to pay taxes for sugar, textiles, indigo dye, coffee, and wine?
This man was a delegate from GA to the second Continental Congress, signed the DOI, and died by a duel.
Laws which were intolerable to the colonist?
The treaty that ended the Revolutionary war
Colonists had to pay taxes on all legal documents and had to pay for stamps.
This man led a surprise attack against the loyalists?
Colonist threw into tea into the Boston Harb
All colonists had to pay taxes for tea.
This man was a lawyer and had a 30 year political career.
This man was a doctor and minister, and founded UGA
This man fought with Elijah Clarke during the Battle of Kettle Creek and was granted freedom and 50 acres of land.