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World History Chapter 16 Post-Reformation Europe Sec. 1 Review p. 200


The Counter-Reformation was intended to prevent _?_ from becoming Protestants, and force Protestants back into the Roman fold.
The _?_ of _?_ was a compromise between Charles V and the Lutherans to permit Romanism or Lutheranism in a particular territory.
Inflamed by political fanatics and self appointed “prophets” the _?_ _?_ broke out in 1524-1525.
Luther said that in every individual there are more than _?_ _?_.
What is another name for the Society of Jesus?
The _?_ _?_ was the Protestant statement of faith presented by the Lutherans to Emperor Charles V.
Charles V repsponded to the Augsburg Confession by threatening _?_ if the Lutherans did not return to the Roman Church.
The people looked to Luther as their _?_.
The Roman church responded to the Reformation with the _?_ - _?_.
The Index of _?_ _?_ included Protestant writings, vernacular versions of the Bible, and other works.
The Jesuits became very active in spreading _?_.
_?_ _?_ was a dedicated Spanish soldier who confessed his sins for three days
The Peace of Ausburg produced _?_, _?_ Protestant Churches.
As a result of the Peasants' Revolt, a form of _?_ would continue in Germany for many years.
The goal of the Jesuits was to be absolutely _?_ to the pope and the Roman Church.
The Council of _?_ reaffirmed the traditional Romanist doctrines while also attacking the very heart of the gospel, which is faith alone in Christ alone.