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chemistry crossword

A property that depends on the type of matter
A substance that speeds up the reaction but is not used up
Matter that has a uniform and definite composition
A mixture in which the composition is uniform throughout
A physical blend of two or more components
You make one when you use your senses to obtain information
Positively charged particles
Takes both the shape and volume of its container
A measure of the space occupied by an object
Can be classified as reversible or irreversible
The process that separates a solid from the liquid
The capacity to do work or produce heat
Has an indefinite shape yet has a fixed volume
A mixture in which the composition is not uniform throughout
A measure of the amount of matter an object obtains
You use one in order to test a hypothesis
Has a definite shape and volume
A substance present at the start of a reaction
When each side of an equation has the same number of atoms of each element
Negatively charged particles
A property that depends on the amount of matter
One way to separate water from another component
Used to describe any part of a sample with uniform composition and properties
A substance produced in a reaction
Smallest particle of an element that retains its identity in a chemical reaction