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Christmas 2016

Author: The Dodger
A Wise Man (8)
Good King perhaps (9)
Card Game (abbr) (4)
Food trough for animals (6)
Clash ion (anag) (8)
Eeyore (6)
Girls name; ....Golightly (5)
Christmas Film with Martin Freeman (3,8)
Essential for a white Christmas (4)
Dickens's miser (7)
900 million sold in boxes or packs in 2015 (9,5)
Scrooge's anti-Christmas message (3,6)
Capital = Ankara (6)
Natural gum/resin gifted to Jesus (5)
...and wine, Cliff Richard Christmas No.1 (9)
Wise men (4)
Angel who predicted birth of Jesus (7)
Layer between cake and icing (8)
Climbing plant (3)
Nickname for Hollywood (10)
Medical condition getting no better, no worse (6)
Santa's transport (6)
Tree decoration (6)
...Thatcher; ...Kirkwood (5)
He got stuck up the chimney (5)
Christmas starts here (8,4)
The Christmas season (late middle English) (8) the world (3)
Eat one every day for 12 days after Christmas, brings a year of happiness (5,3)
Has crook and dog (8)
...wreath; ...calendar (6)
Island in the Indian Ocean (9)
Roman king of Judea (5)
Christmas themed boys name (4)
Oh no he isn't, Oh yes he is (9)
Dancer for example (8)
Atomic number 79 (4)