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Administrative Law Crosswords Puzzle

Study Administrative Law | Jins Legal Story
“________” is defined in s 3 JRA. The decision was under enactment pursuant to [s16(4),(5) and (7)].
Access to Judicial Review for Statutory Review depends on satisfying ______ elements.
The interest must be special, in the sense of being different to that of the public at large: Onus v_____.
Order the performance of a public duty.
Order a decision maker to desist from continuing with a decision making process.
______ clause is a legislative provision that seeks to protect particular administrative action from judicial review.
This is an entity made by ______ character. Where it looks like it is exercising public functions : Chapmans Ltd v Australian Stock Exchange Ltd (1994).
An applicant may be able to ground an argument for Judicial Review on the basis that the decision-maker exercised a power unreasonably.
The rule against _____ is, whether a fair-minded lay observer might reasonable apprehend that the decision maker might not bring an impartial mind to the resolution of the question.
A decision is not always final, operative and determinative: ABT v ____.
To bring an application under the ADJRA/ JRA, a person must be a “person aggrieved”.
It is about the individual citizenship application which is not political matter or a decision that the court reluctant to address.
An applicant may be able to ground an argument for Judicial Review on the basis that the decision-maker took account of an _________ consideration: Robert v Hopwood.
The interest must not be merely intellectual or emotional: _____ v Commonwealth.
The decision quashes or annuls an irregular decision.
Abbreviation for Judicial Review Act 1991 (Qld)
Application cannot be refused on the basis of _________ allegations or objections.
Abbreviation for Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977 (Cth)
No _________ Rule is that a reasonable decision maker must have some rationally probative (입증된) evidence: ABT v Bond; MIEA v Pochi.
___________ fairness may be expressly required by a statute or implied by the common law.
It is an individualised dispute and not about the legislative issue. Therefore, the decision is an ___________ character under JRA: Minister for Industry and Commerce v Tooheys.
Review of 'conduct for the purpose of making a ________ available under: s 21 JRA.
cting under _______ is an applicant may be able to ground an argument for JR on the basis that DM must make up their own mind, cannot allow their judgement to be determined by other’s view.
In _______ v West, the High Court held that the implication principle applies to decision being reviewed under the ADJRA as well as at common law.
There are _______ limbs test to have access to constitutional common law review.