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County Spelling Bee, Part 2

Nonflowering leafy plants that reproduce by spores instead of seeds
Ground covered with grass that is kept closely mowed
The joint between your upper arm and forearm
To use or have on your body
To weave three or more strands of hair together into one or more lengths
An arachnid that has poison fangs and eight legs, and spins silk to make webs to catch prey.
A person or some people
Fathers and mothers
Recent information
A container for winged insets that feed on pollen and nectar and make honey
A warm-blooded, feathered animal that lays eggs and has wings instead of arms
Barely, scarcely
Not calm: fidgety, nervous
A four-wheel usually folding carriage designed as a chair in which a baby may be pushed
A small animal with a pointed snout, small ears and a thin tail
A closed, heated device used for cooking
A closet next to a kitchen or dining room used for storing food
To rest on or partly under the surface of a liquid
A large container filled with a loose material for children to play in
The seashore or land near it
A climbing vine that clings to upright surfaces
A stem growing from the trunk or from a limb of a tree
Sounded clearly and in a loud, echoing manner
The place where two walls, streets or roads meet
Attached by or as if by gluing or plastering
Parts of animals and plants that humans and animals eat
More than one of a unit of distance equal to 5280 feet
A large, long tooth that sticks out of an animal's mouth
The long and heavy hair growing about the neck of some mammals
The short, thick finger on your hand that can be placed opposite the other fingers
Reduces in size by laying one part over another part of
A car that carries a passenger between any two points within a city in exchange for money
A set of official codes of behavior that tell you what you can and cannot do in an activity
A work of skill and taste that is designed to be beautiful
The seed of any cereal grass (as wheat, oats, rice, millet)
Not asleep
Signs hung in public places that serve as decoration or consist of pictures
To pester or disturb (someone)
Clothing for the upper body with sleeves and usually a collar and a front opening
A person engaged in keeping watch
Searching for, inspecting or buying available goods or services
A specific required task, role or function
Moving or able to move with great speed
Unhappy and rudely grumpy
The part of the face that sticks out and has the nostrils
Causing a feeling of weariness or dissatisfaction: dull
Leaves of a book or other printed item
A small amount of food usually eaten between meals
A track for vehicles, people and animals to travel on