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County Spelling Bee, Part 3

Attached with a hook or knot
Needing or craving food
A puzzling question to be guessed at
Human being
A store that sells bread, cakes, pastries and other edible goods
To have an effect on one another
The primary public official of a city
The first part
A cloth hung across the back of a stage that looks like a scenic background
An area of knowledge or study taught at school
A person who is old-fashioned or very traditional
Notes representing the unit of money used in the United States
Small round stones
A time spent away from home or work to travel and relax
Writing in verse
To burn in spurts
Not neat in appearance; careless
A long curved fruit that is yellow when ripe
Durable; solid
Useless talk
In an early stage of life, growth or development
To suddenly grab for something
A private room; bedroom
Took a turn or changed direction from a straight line
A mixture of color and a liquid that form a thin coating when applied to a surface
A short piece of wood with small wheels used for riding on and perform tricks
Used with a main verb to express that something is possible or could happen
To or toward what is before or in front
A good-bye
Questions, problems or toys designed to test cleverness
Items available for use
An edible plant with a sharp smell and taste that is used as a vegetable
An elaborate meal
Having the least light
A place where you can play coin-operated games
A city in southeastern England that is the capital of the United Kingdom
Allowing a liquid to enter or escape through a hole
A board on a building that tells the name and type of a business