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County Spelling Bee, Part 4

Words or language that have no meaning
A small portable covering that provides protection against the weather
In a way that is not brave or courageous
A political state or nation
An agreement between two or more people to do or not to do something
A small tool consisting of an oval or round shallow bowl with a handle and used for stirring a drink and as a unit of measure
A home that is impressive due to its size
A date or time before which something must be done
An article made of fired clay
Not completely
Taking away an amount from a total
Expressions of unfairness
Making something (such as clothing) from yarn either by hand using long needles or with a machine
The sum of all property and debts that someone leaves behind when they die
Light enough to be carried
To smile in a false way or as if pleased with yourself
A strong string made by twisting tow or more strands together
To move forward in station, rank or honor
Stability as a result of equally spreading your weight
Advanced in years
To add necessary and decorative items to a room
When trust or confidence is placed in a person or thing
Someone who keeps an apartment, office or other building clean and who makes minor repairs
A rectangle with all four sides equal
A place to study various performing arts such as dancing, singing or acting
Unusually good, interesting, amusing or lovely
A flash of lightning along with a loud, distant rolling sound
Sleeping briefly during the day
A portable lamp
Kept from happening due to previous caution
Barely, only, simply
A covered entrance to a building
Primates that are smaller than apes and have longer tails
A white metallic element used to make coins, silverware, jewelry and other items
Shallow containers used for serving food
A mammal that has a long narrow snout, long sticky tongue and usually no teeth and that feeds entirely on insects
Calmness of mind