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County Spelling Bee, Part 5

Approval publicly expressed (as by clapping hands)
A tool shaped like a hollow cone with a tube extending from the point that is used to direct the flow of liquid
Sounds in your throat caused by sudden, involuntary movements of your chest muscles
A covered and usually enclosed area or a large shed for housing and repairing aircraft (as airplanes)
A substance make of copper and tin mixed together and that is used to make industrial items, art and bells
Parts of a whole
Making clear sounds by blowing air through pursed lips
An extremely fluid substance that flows freely like water
The whole amount of words used by a language, group or individual
Sounds in your throat caused by sudden, involuntary movements of your chest muscles
Gook luck; success
Old-fashioned; out of date
A public presentation (as of a dramatic work)
Tubes that carry blood from different parts of your body to your heart
The larva of a butterfly or moth that is long and looks like a worm with legs
A group of clothes or household linens to be washed
Not easily or naturally reached by logic or reason
Weighty; heavy
Patrons, customers
Free from legal guilt or responsibility for wrongdoing or failure
Bending easily without breaking
Characterized by dimness, indistinctness or obscurity
Causing or allowing something to flow in a steady stream
Relating to music other than popular music or music for entertainment
Something whose value to the purchase is greater than its cost
Showing or expressing formality, seriousness and self-confidence in appearance, manner or language
Lack of success
The science of life
Persons that participate in a competition
Used your hands to raise yourself upwards
A deep cooking utensil with a long handle used for stewing or boiling
Curved, hard coverings that protect the feet of an animal (such as a horse or goal)
Free and able to do something at a particular time
A group of words in a sentence that has its own subject and verb
A tightly stretched cord or wire on which acrobats perform
Something that is more important than other things and needs to be done or dealt with first
Having or showing feelings or wry entertainment especially from something that is surprising or perplexing
A brief section of a written work or speech that is mentioned by itself as noteworthy or relevant
Occurring, appearing, made or done every year or once a year
A journey by water; cruise