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County Spelling Bee, Part 6

To appear inviting; attract
A special or distinguishing attribute; characteristic
Out of sight; hidden
A high landmass rising to form several peaks
Falling into a precisely stated category
Not able to be endured
Put ashore on a desolate island or coast and left to one's fate
Made (someone) afraid; intimidated
A type of small dog now mainly kept as a pet but originally used for hunting
Lacking interest or charm; plain
A small elevator used for carrying food and dishes or small goods from one follow or a building to another
In a thoughtfully sad or mournful manner
Relating to the action or process of converting (food) into a form that can be absorbed
Characterized by steady, earnest, attentive and energetic effort
An instrument used for looking at very small objects so that they appear larger
Small white flakes that form on and shed from skin, especially the scalp
A medium-sized sofa with arms and a back
A temporary place to stay
The sum of the lengths of the line segments forming a polygon
A strong cloth made of flax noted for its strength and coolness but that wrinkles easily
To stand, sit or recline lazily; loaf
A unit of dry measure used in the U.S.
Expressed using few words and without unnecessary detail
Absorbed or engrossed in or given to sober thoughtfulness
Measurement in a single line (as length, height or width)
Brave, dashing and chivalrous
A small amount of liquid dispersed in air and appearing as fog or condensed as dew on a cool surface
Material or a mass or material deposited (as by water, wind or glaciers)
A large heavy shoe
A public sale of property to the person who pays the most
Someone who studies the physical word and everything in it, such as plants and animals
In a manner characterized by often deep intensity of feeling or expression
A church that was once a bishop's church
Systematic physical exercises along with performance on apparatus (as rings or bars) that are designed to promote strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and body control.
A closet with shelves to receive cups, dishes or food
To point at
The first letters of each word in a person's name
Deserving or giving rise to compassion
A fruit that is hard-shelled, inedible and used often for decoration, and that comes from a vine
The branch of science dealing with plants
a narrow script of water running into the land or between islands