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County Spelling Bee, Part 8

A state of perplexity or doubt; dilemma
A mountain climber specializing in high difficult climbs
Of or suitable for the use of one who breaks into a building illegally especially with intent to steal
Devotion or loyalty especially to a person, group or cause
In a tactful manner
A figure of Greek mythology who files away from imprisonment using artificial wings
A procession of riders or carriages
One holding a paid position or office in a government or party; civil servant
In a delightful or excellent manner
An elementary particle that has no electrical charge and that has a mass nearly equal to that of the proton
A protein pancreatic hormone that is essential especially for the metabolism of carbohydrates and which is used in the treatment and control of diabetes
A person of great authority or wisdom whose opinions or judgments are regarded with great respect
Used for a polyester film
One that commits an offense or crime
A large mass of snow, ice, dirt, rock or other material sliding swiftly down a mountainside
A union made in order to work toward common goals or interest
Deserving of respect due to age, character and accomplishments
In a very determined manner; persistently
Marked by slyness or predatoriness; crafty
Marked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, delicate or elaborate execution
Plainly simple and without decoration
A space or scene of wild mad uproar
A mathematical genius
Specialists in the science of matter and energy and their interactions
The missiles fired by the weapons of war
The action or an instance of two or more things striking forcefully together typically by accident
One who attacks with violence
Plants or a small genus of poisonous shrubs and trees with bright yellow flowers
A stringed musical instrument used by the ancient Greeks
Of, relating to, resembling or resulting in disaster
Having the appearance of mother-of-pearl
Broad streets; especially; ones that are more showy than an ordinary street with trees along the center or sides
A silvery, heavy radioactive metallic element that is used primarily in atomic energy programs
The most populous city, port and capital of Hawaii
No longer used or popular due to being very old; obsolete
Of or relating to an animal
Of, relating to or characteristic of the Italian poet Dante or his writings
Notably superior; excellent
A long spear used in a sport in which people see how fat they can throw it