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County Spelling Bee, Part 9

A very hot roundish chili pepper that is usually orange when mature
Extremely small
The practice of magic or trickery usually involving manual dexterity
A blue-veined cheese with wrinkled rind made of whole cows' milk enriched with cream and usually aged two years
A large disastrous fire involving many buildings
Loss of consciousness resulting from arrest of the blood supply to the brain; faint
a large, heavy knife usually made with a blade often tow or three feet in length
A sheep of an English breed of large long-wooled sheep
A study, office or place of retreat where one is free from intrusion
Trips taken to visit a place of historic or sentimental interest or to participate in a specific event or for a definite purpose
One of the portions into which something is divided; component, part
Falling outside the limit of what can be comprehended, accepted as true or tolerated
Expressive motions of the body or limbs
An evergreen tree or shrub mostly native to western Australia that provides wood, oil and other products
A system of visual signaling (as between ships) in which the sender holds a flag in each hand and moves his or her arms to different positions according to a code alphabet
Refusing to submit to authority
Of or relating to James I of England, his reign or his times
In a loving or fond manner
According to law or rules
Something that is disagreeable or troublesome; an annoyance
Lacking or exhibiting a lack of moral principles
The state or quality of having no end or being drawn out to the point of boredom
A body of police officers (as of a particular town, district, country)
Enormous, immense
A jarring injury of the brain resulting in disturbance of cerebral function and sometimes marked by permanent damage
A state of decay or ruin