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County Spelling Bee, Part 10

An original work of art or of the imagination
Not conforming to conventional behavior, custom or style; bizarre
A whitish growth produced on organic matter and on plants by fungi
The main dialect of Chinese spoken in China
Small white flakes that form on and shed from skin, especially the scalp
Any plant of a genus of Asian herbs with large pointed leaves and flowers in sets of four borne close to the ground
Islands of western Scotland in the Atlantic
Any of numerous extinct flying reptiles having no feathers, a wing membrane, and a tail usually rather short but sometimes expanded and resembling a rudder
A small artificial hill or mound (as over a grave)
A fever resembling malaria marked by sudden attacks of shills, fever and sweating that recur at regular intervals
Out of action; in a disabled condition
The act of performing more than is necessary to complete an undertaking
Woven or printed with an elaborate design of curved abstract figures
projected upon a background like an outline of a person or thing
In a manner characterized by often deep intensity of feeling or expression
A large group of players of musical instruments including typically strings and other
A small object carved in wood or ivory or made of metal used by the Japanese as a toggle to fasten a small pouch or purse to the kimono sash
Lessening the nerve, vitality or strength of
Astonishing due to extreme size, power, greatness or excellence
A member of the lowest rank of a French order or merit
Familiar; fully informed; in touch
Quivering; shaking
A person who is associated with a particular type of work or who performs a specific duty or service
Of or relating to any of numerous conditions characterized by inflammation or pain in muscles, joints or fibrous tissue
Those versed in the study of the shape of the skull based on the belief that it indicates a person's mental faculties and character
Built or formed like a castle
A colorless very poisonous gaseous compound that may ignite spontaneously when mixed with air or oxygen and that is a weaker base than ammonia
A signal usually sounded by bugle at about sunrise summoning soldiers or sailors to the day's duties
Any of several cephalopod mollusks of the southern Pacific and Indian Oceans with a spiral chambered shell that is pearly on the inside
Rising and falling in waves; fluctuating
The mass slaughter of European civilians and especially Jews by the Nazis during World War II
Put an end to
A very large powerful dog used chiefly as a watchdog and guard dog
The opening in a photographic lens that admits the light passing through
The side of a right-angled triangle that is opposite the right angle
A brilliant musical composition usually for pipe organ or harpsichord, in free fantasia style, and usually with many equal-timed notes in rapid movement