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Spelling Bee Crossword #4

A workroom of an artist or photographer
The confidence in the truth or existence of something not easily proved.
A strong thread or strint made of more than one strand twisted together
Ceramic ware
Only as specified, nothing more; simply
A transparent, portable case that encloses a light
An agreement enforceable by law
Primates that have long tails and usually live in trees .
To take one number from another, deducting
A smug smile
A portable, circular cover that protects one from the rain
Attractively stylish
To send liquid flowing from one container to another
Of advanced age
To watch, perceive
Property or possessions
A time by which something must be finished
Adverb that means lacking courage
Excellent, great, marvelous
A hypnotic condition
A person employed to clean public areas and do minor repairs
Capable of being transported
A rectangle with four equal sides
Large in scale
Predetermined course of events
Not gaseous or solid, flowing