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Bugs Put U.S. Forests At Risk, With High Cost

Aided by global trade, a warming climate, and drought-weakened trees, the _________ have become one of the greatest threats to biodiversity in the United States.
One of these invasive species is (EAB) the emerald ash _________.
Among the methods used to control these insect pests are ____________.
The Hemlock woolly adelgids spends its life on the underside of the tree needles (pointy leaves) sucking ______, eventually killing the tree.
Another method of controlling these invasive bugs is ______________modifications.
Scientists say some species of trees are being driven toward ___________.
More than a dozen experts, found that hundreds of _______ have invaded the nation's forests.
Dead forests increase the danger of catastrophic ____________.
Genetic _______ could also offer a method to control these costly pests.
Insect pests from as far away as Asia can undermine Forest _________.