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Ancient Greece

A gathering place or marketplace in ancient Greece
A set of promises that new doctors make to treat patients well
Period of time after Alexander died when Greek culture spread to all the lands that had been part of his empire
A Persian religion founded by the religious teacher Zoroaster
A government in which a small group has control
A form of democracy in which citizens elect officials to govern on their behalf
A drama with a happy ending
A drama in which characters struggle to overcome serious problems but fail
A high-ranking government official in Sparta
A province in ancient Persia
A priestess who speaks for the gods and answers questions about what will happen in the future
Someone who writes or performs epic poems about historical events and heroes and their deeds
The philosophy of Stoics, who believed that wise people should use reason over emotion
A body of land with water on three sides
A branch of mathematics concerned with measurement and properties of points, angles, lines, and surfaces that are flat or level
Enslaved people in ancient Sparta
A group of people living in a new territory with close ties to their homeland; the territory itself
Words or actions that are part of a religious ceremony
A form of democracy in which all citizens can participate firsthand in the decision making process
Greek city-state
Greek teachers of philosophy, reasoning, and public speaking
A person who searches for wisdom or enlightenment
A government by the people
A branch of mathematics concerned with measurement and properties of points, angles, lines, and solids in 3-D space
A story that is told by the actions and spoken words of actors
Philosophical method of questioning to gain truth
The outer boundary of a circle
The custom of passing stories from one generation to the next by telling the stories out loud
The governor in a satrapy in ancient Persia
The art of public speaking and debate
Soldiers who fight on horses
A ruler who has total authority and is not bound by laws
A traditional story about gods and heroes that explain a culture's belief
A story that teaches a lesson