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TCS Chemistry Chapters 3-6
______ make things feel slippery or taste bitter.
When table salt or sugar disappear in water, we say they ______.
Most common acids have an _ ______.
Special molecules are called _____ ___ _____.
Acids and bases react with each other in an ___-____ ______.
Most bases have an __ ______.
An ________ shows us whether we have an acid or a base.
Soap, dates, and bananas are examples of ______.
Many acids-base reactions make ______ and water.
_______ are very small things that we can not see using only our eyes. Everything is made of them!
An H group is a ________ atom.
An OH group is just an _______ atom and a ________ atom.
Atoms hook together to make ________.
_____ taste sour.
A _______ is anything that has more than two types of items in it.
What is the rule for dissolving? _____ dissolves _____.
Lemons, soda, batteries, oranges, and grapes are examples of ______.